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To speak at Culver Club event in Atlanta
September 1, 2016

CNN writer and former producer Katherine Dorsett Bennett `90 can point to a host of professional accomplishments during her time with attendees of the Culver Club of Georgia’s cocktail reception on Thursday, Sept. 15, in Atlanta, Ga.

But the co-winner of Emmy, Peabody, and other awards instead points first and foremost to the stories she’s covered involving heroic self-sacrifice and determination, attributes which embody the Culver Code of Conduct, which she says has been so influential in her life and work.

Culver alumni, parents, and friends are invited to attend the reception from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the historic Capital City Club – Downtown, 7 John Portman Blvd., Atlanta. Go here to register or contact the Alumni Office (574-842-7200).

While at Culver, Bennett (then Katherine Dorsett) was a staff writer and feature editor for the Vedette along with being a cheerleader and co-captain of the CGA softball team. She attended Purdue University where she majored in Communications. Her professional career includes stints as a news anchor and producer, respectively, at television stations in Indiana, Montana, and Georgia.

For the past 16 years, Bennett has worked for CNN, where she shared an Emmy Award for the network’s coverage of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and a Peabody Award for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina, among other awards.

The greatest gift Bennett received from her Culver experience, she says, was the friendships she made.

“I still keep in touch with many of my classmates,” she said. She was the maid of honor for Patricia Babcock McGraw’s wedding in Memorial Chapel (Bennett noted they also have in common their journalism careers).

Beyond her friendships, the Culver Code of Conduct has had the most impact on her, Bennett said.

“I have tried to live my life honorably and follow the Code of Conduct in my personal (and) professional life,” she explained. “Thankfully, I have been inspired by many people I have come acrosse in my career, as well.”

She points to “one of the greatest people I have ever interviewed,” Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez who, while serving on an assignment in Afghanistan in 2010, lost both of his legs and his right arm in an explosion.

Code of Conduct

“As the 28-year-old veteran recovers,” Bennett wrote,“he often tells people not to be sad, because he’d do it again for his country…how many people do you know that are that brave and feel such honor for our country?”

She also points to stories she’s written about people “who try hard to be the best they can be,” or “try to make the world a better place – which is also the spirit of Culver,” as particularly meaningful for her through the years.

Bennett specifically credits her work at Culver on the Vedette “for launching my journalism career,” adding: “I enjoyed researching and writing stories for that publication. I also enjoyed the friendships I made working on that paper.”

Leadership was also a “huge part of my Culver experience” and something she’s sought to carry into her professional life. She has put considerable energy into volunteering with the Junior League of Atlanta, including serving as editor-in-chief of its magazine.

She says she and her husband of five years, Scott Bennett, have two rescue dogs “that I nurture and love every day” in their home, “filled with the spirit of Culver in its own special way.”

According to Culver Clubs Coordinator Maria Benner, Katherine Dorsett Bennett’s presence at the Sept. 15 event resulted from the energy and thoughtfulness of Bill Hunt ’88, who has guided the Culver Club of Georgia for years, in conjunction with Culver Trustee Jeff Adams ’69, who is sponsoring the club’s use of the Capital City Club – Downtown. Adams will also provide a brief update from his perspective as a Trustee.

“This very special Culver Club event will also offer ample opportunities for guests to socialize, connect or reconnect with Culver alumni, parents, friends and prospective families,” Benner said.

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