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Rotation ceremony
November 20, 2019

Culver Girls Academy students gathered for a special session Sunday evening to celebrate the accomplishments of the first leadership rotation and welcome the second group of leaders.

Dean of Girls M. Lynn Rasch ’76 highlighted a new collaboration program started this fall, which is bringing the students leaders of CGA and Culver Military Academy together every other week to discuss and work on issues relating to both leadership systems.

This collaboration has resulted in an increased understanding of how each leadership system operates, along with how the students operate on a daily basis, she said.

She also asked that CGA students keep in mind three goals during the second rotation period. First, “seek joy in winter,” looking for the positive aspects in the season. Second, “leaders – make your mark.” And, third, for the community in general, “lead, support, and guide others;” especially juniors and seniors in assisting sophomores and freshmen.

It was also announced this year’s Culver Women’s Celebration theme is “Be Legendary.”

Caroline Perea ’20

Senior prefect for the first rotation, Ava Dauer ’20 (Cincinnati, Ohio), said she was impressed with the accomplishments during the first rotation. “Your maturity, drive and ingenuity inspired me on the daily.”

She added that the hard work “always pays off,” citing the work by wellness prefect Cady Clark ’20 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) for scheduling yoga classes and posting mindfulness notices every week. She had never seen so much attention paid to the students’ mental health, she said, adding that this is one area she hopes will continue to be a priority.

And, while everyone is pushing toward Thanksgiving break, Dauer said, “I ask that we all pause and truly process how lucky we are to be with the people around us in the place we are. Everything in life is temporary – moments, people, places – so hold on tight to this special kind of heaven.”

Prefect for the second rotation, Caroline Perea ’20 (Arvada, Colorado), told the CGA audience that she “would like the theme of this rotation to be about never giving up and never selling yourself short.”

“Since my first day as an incoming freshman, I’ve been told that while the days may seem long, the years will pass remarkably fast,” she said. “This is so very true! It feels just like yesterday that I walked through the gate at matriculation, hoping that one day I could be the senior prefect as Claire Martinez ’17 was my freshman year.”

While she admitted there were times when she wanted to quit, she remembered that her parents taught her that what was upsetting her “in the moment is probably not the end of the world. Sometimes, you just need to pause and get a littler perspective.” They taught her to believe in herself, learn from her mistakes, and always try her best.

And that was her message to CGA.

“As students, we have learned that failure is a stepping stone and that there are valuable lessons to take away from each unpleasant experience,” she said. “I encourage all of you to learn from your failures.”

She also reminded each girl to “take advantage of the countless opportunities and resources that surround you at Culver. Believe in yourself and you can make it happen.”

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