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Trying new things can lead to finding your passion
October 7, 2015
Lauren Hutchison '16 (left) and her mother, Tifiany Walker '92

Lauren Hutchison ’16 and her mother, Tifiany Walker ’92

The lyrics of the song, “Treasured Memory” sung each year at the Dean England Day ceremony perfectly sum up the 2015 event. This year’s featured speaker, Tifiany Walker, certainly took treasured memories with her after graduating from Culver Girls Academy in 1992. “I have always carried a special place for Culver in my heart,” she said.

Walker’s experience with Culver began when she was a young girl, much like Mary Francis England. While England’s father was Culver’s band director, Walker’s father attended Summer Naval School, graduating in 1962. Both men had their own treasured memories of Culver and left their daughters with a love of the school. While England returned to Culver as an adult, Walker visited Culver as an eighth grader. She said her father was very excited about his time at Culver and still cherishes the life-long friendships he made. He shared many memories with his daughter, and when it came time for her to visit, she fell in love with it too.

The years at Culver Girls Academy were busy ones for Walker. She was a part of the concert band, basketball, track, and tennis teams, and the president of the Alliance for Student Harmony. It is these experiences, she believes, that helped her on her path of success.

Upon graduating from Culver, Walker wanted to pursue a career in law. However, her plans changed over time. She worked for some of the largest companies in America, including Elite modeling agency, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Xerox, as a senior manager, but it was in the area of staffing and recruiting that she says she found her passion. Walker is the creator and owner of WalkerHealthcareIT, a staffing firm for hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States, and she says what she learned at CGA provided her with the courage to pursue her passion. “Culver provides that arena that you need to be able to go and try new things,” she said, “One of those things just might be your passion.”

Everyone cares so much for the development of the young people that go to school here. I think any parent would want that for their child.

Culver not only provided her with opportunities to build confidence and self-esteem, but it also gave Walker an appreciation for diversity, which she has brought into the culture of her company. “Anytime you want to broaden yourself, you have to be inclusive, so you learn something every day from people who are not like you. That is definitely something I learned at Culver.”

Though her years as a student are over, Walker has returned to the school as a parent and CPA board member. “I think when you are here, you experience the magic that Culver has,” she said. “Everyone cares so much for the development of the young people that go to school here. I think any parent would want that for their child. That’s why you see alumni who are so passionate. They had this wonderful experience, so when they look at opportunities for their kids, they certainly want Culver to be one of those.”

Now, Walker’s children have opportunities to experience Culver’s magic and to make some treasured memories of their own. Her daughter, Lauren, is a senior in Ithaka. Her son, Nicolas, is a second classman in Battery C, and son Joseph is a third classman.

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