February 10, 2014
Brandon Benn

Brandon Benn

Brandon Benn ’10 started the collegiate lacrosse season off with a huge goal in the third overtime period to give Johns Hopkins a 10-9 win over Ohio State Sunday. Benn is one of 24 past Culver Military Academy lacrosse players now in the collegiate ranks.

Here is a list according to their Culver graduation year.

Class of 2010: Brandon Benn (Johns Hopkins), Blake Saylor (Air Force), Ryne Sternberg (Penn State), Ryan Everson (Navy), Connor Eustace (Hobart), Jesse Rabishaw (Salisbury), Sean Thompson (Texas), Cam Garrison (Randolph), Troy Grogan (Roanoke).

Class of 2011: Cam Dabir (Washington & Lee), Coltan Armitage (Hobart), Josh Berger (Skidmore).

Class of 2012: Bud Graham (Ohio Wesleyan), Kyle Trolley (Notre Dame), Zach Thompson (RIT), Andrew Gleitz (Randolph), Dustin Cowell (Centre).

Class of 2013: Zach Currier (Princeton), Nathan Ralls Feldman (Babson), Dean Ferris (Ohio State), Austin Spencer (UMASS), Dan Ferrel (VMI), Mason Quinn (Quinnipiac), Paul Westman (Bellarmine), Alec Johnston (Robert Morris).

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