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From a Batten to a Beering Scholar
May 23, 2018

Uchehukwu Nnate ’18 (Schererville, Indiana) wants to explore her options when it comes to college majors and careers. And she has received a scholarship at Purdue University that allows her to do just that.

The Steven C. Beering Scholarship was created by Purdue’s ninth president, Dr. Steven C. Beering. The scholarship allows recipients to pursue one bachelor’s degree, one master’s degree or an MBA and one doctoral degree at Purdue or medical school through Indiana University. Beering was the dean of the IU School of Medicine before being selected as president at Purdue. The scholarship also covers related educational expenses and a one-semester study abroad opportunity.

Nnate, a Batten Scholar at Culver, had been admitted to Purdue and was invited to apply for the Beering by the Purdue admissions office. Approximately six to eight students are selected each year. To remain eligible, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA, she said.

“I really had no idea it existed,” Nnate said. “I was applying for other scholarships at the time when someone suggested I apply for this.”

Nnate plans to take classes in a variety of subjects and see which one interests her the most. She is looking at medicine since both her parents are in the medical field. But she is also interested in business and computer science.

Nnate has studied Spanish at Culver, but believes Chinese is the practical second language of the future. And she is so obsessed with learning more about the Japanese language and pop culture, she used her six-week Batten summer experience to travel to Japan and study both.

Students are selected for the Beering Scholarship based on their high school credentials and leadership skills. They will be members of Purdue’s Honors College. They will study on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus unless they go into the medical field. They would then continue their studies at the Indiana University-Purdue University campus in Indianapolis.

Beering served as Purdue’s president from 1983 to 2000. He raised the scholarship endowment through private donations. The scholarship started in 2000.

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