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Six conducting fundraiser
September 28, 2017

A group of six Culver Girls Academy students from Mexico are raising funds to help repair a Mexico City children’s hospital that was damaged in the Sept. 19 earthquake. They are selling wristbands with 9-19-17 and #fuerzamexico (Be Strong Mexico) on them. The cost is $6 each and are available during the lunch periods over the next week.

Working on the project are seniors Andrea de la Vega, Ani Quintana, Alexia Warnholtz, Miriam Servin, Nicole Salazar, and junior Camila Torres.

De la Vega said the girls became involved because her aunt is a volunteer helping with the hospital repair efforts. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake damaged the facility enough that some of the children had to be sent home because it was too dangerous for them to stay. She added the goal is to make the repairs as quickly as possible so the children can return.

She added that the hospital’s kitchen has not been used since the earthquake and the temporary loss of power caused some of the medical equipment to fail. The donations will be going to the Dibujando un Mañana Foundation, she said.

The earthquake continues to cause problems in the Mexican capital. News reports estimate nearly 4,000 buildings were damaged Sept. 19. Several homes and a bridge collapsed when a magnitude 6.1 aftershock struck south of Mexico City on Sept. 23. An 8.1 earthquake hit southern Mexico on Sept. 7.

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