January 21, 2013

AmpitheaterLast summer Culver unveiled plans for the Woodcraft Centennial Amphitheater. This monument to Woodcraft’s first 100 years, which will seat 1,000 people, will serve as a natural and comfortable place for Woodcrafters, parents, and visitors to come together during the weekly awards after Garrison Parade, the camp play, and any number of events. Ultimately, its use will extend to Upper Camp and even the boarding school.

“This is something I’ve wanted since I started here seven years ago, and it’s finally coming to fruition,” Woodcraft Camp Director Sonny Adkins said. “What it does for our campers is give them an area that they can call their home for the entire camp … We have a central focal point now for our Woodcraft Camp where everyone can sit together and be comfortable,” including parents and visitors.

Woodcraft Camp’s 100th year is a testament to the strength of the Culver way and the lasting impression the experience leaves, year after year, on the campers who call Culver home for the summer.

The Woodcraft Centennial Amphitheater will mark the 100th anniversary in a visible, yet tasteful, way that fits into the beautiful landscape and will be a functional addition as Woodcraft embarks on its next 100 years. Originally, plans called for wood in the construction of aisles and seats, but that has now been changed to stone thanks to a very generous donation of the material needed.

Work has already begun and the amphitheater is expected to be ready when Woodcraft Camp begins in June. Culver gratefully thanks all the alumni, current and past patrons, faculty, staff, and friends who helped make this project a reality, as well as the Woodcraft Centennial Committee for its leadership and work on the project.

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