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It all leads to one incredible experience
August 24, 2016

Here is a special countdown of the recently completed 2016 edition of Culver Summer Schools & Camps:

7,374: Bunk Notes sent to campers by their family members
1,436: Enrolled campers from 43 states and 38 countries
775: Campers enrolled in Woodcraft Camp
748: Woodcraft C-Pins awarded: 372 Bronze, 168 Silver, 208 Gold
660: Campers enrolled in Upper School
569: Tuxis ribbons earned, 2,395 Tuxis tests taken
454: Instructed flights were taken by Aviation students
420: Upper School campers took a Naval class
60: Woodcraft Campers took the new ping pong class
41: Campers participating in the camp play, Shrek, Jr: 31 cast members, 10 stage crew members
28: Graduating campers attending Culver Academies, 16 from Upper Camp and 12 from Woodcraft Camp
12: Aviation students who received the honor of piloting the planes in the fly-by at Garrison Parades
7: Entries in the third annual Woodcraft Chili Cook-off
5: As in weeks – the time campers had to learn the music, lines, staging, and dance numbers for Shrek, Jr.
1: Incredible summer at Culver!

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