February 6, 2015

Thelma Hodges Moorhead, known as ‘Thelma Lilly” in the Culver community, passed away on Jan. 26. She was the granddaughter of Roy “Sheep” Scott, one of the several blacks who traveled from Mexico, Mo., during the mass relocation of the Missouri Military Academy students, faculty, and staff to Culver following the 1896 fire.

Thelma Hodges Moorhead Culver Citizen photo

Thelma Hodges Moorhead
Culver Citizen photo

A well-known member of the Culver community, Scott oversaw the CMA janitorial staff for decades and his wife, Lilly, was a domestic for faculty wives. According to Pass in Review, Scott often served as a “father confessor, unofficial counselor, healer, and friend” to the cadets.

The Scotts’ daughter, Thelma Sr., met her husband, Bob Hodges, while he was a waiter at Culver Summer Schools & Camps during the summer.

In 2007, Culver Citizen editor Jeff Kenney, who is also the curator for the Culver Academies Museum, did an interview with Moorhead covering her grandparents, parents, and the Culver community. Watch Kenney’s interview with Moorhead here and be sure to read his extensive historical piece here.


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