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"Invaluable foundation"
August 21, 2019

When Culver Academies officially begins its 126th school year with the Matriculation ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 25, there will be 23 new students from Culver Summer Schools & Camps walking through the Logansport Gate.

They will join another 20 Upper Schools students who are already attending.

“Culver Summer Schools & Camps provide an invaluable foundation for the students who choose to matriculate to CGA and CMA during the academic year,” Director of Enrollment Management Staci Hundt said. “The summer experience provides an outstanding venue for our young people to build relationships and familiarize themselves with the campus.”

Upper Schools students

The 15 students coming from Upper Schools are Brighton Bird, Max Borland, Carla Cabral, Mia Do, Olivia Dolan, Aaron Dyess, Harlie Hanley, James Harrington, Dean Hickman, Maximiliano Jasso, Kenynan Jones, Erich Marschall, Henry Paik, Katelyn Reid, and Ethan Stone.

The eight Woodcraft Campers matriculating are Lucy Burk, Andrew Cagle, Alexander Cameron, Richard Conlon, Cabot Ellert, Jefferson William Kesler, Jacob Preece, and Michael Smith.

Gold C Woodcraft Campers

While the summer and boarding experiences have distinct differences, Hundt explained, “we also know that having some form of a summer experience helps put our new students at ease when the time comes to transition to boarding school.”

“We love hearing stories about how our alumni have friendships that date back to Woodcraft Camp and have endured the test of time at Culver and beyond.”

The 20 Upper Schools students returning include Eddie Becker, Carlo Bernardini, Maggie Bialek, William Booth, Taylor Brewer, Lilli Chalfant, Rowan Conway, Sofia Dolan, Matthew Dweyer, Fritz Ellert, Maxwell Gifford, Sierra Grant, Genevieve Huber, Sarah Janney, Kaleigh Kephart, Mitchell Lafferty, Michael Moore, Jason Nguyen, Jonathan Tominac, and Heidi Wash.

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